Where to Buy Calling Cards

Calling cards are available in an increasingly wide range of places. The main options are to buy thru an online vendor or to buy at a retail store.

As a general rule, we recommend that you buy calling cards thru online vendors, not at retail shops.


Here are the five main reasons to buy calling cards from online vendors:

  • Easier to identify and compare vendors online
  • Easier to verify vendor credentials and reputation
  • Easier to compare calling card prices and features in-depth
  • Easier to set-up and manage features like PIN-less dialing and speed dial via online account management tools
  • Many phone card scams seem to involve store-bought cards from no-name brands

This is not to say that all online vendors are good or all retail cards are bad, just that online shops are a better bet overall for buying quality cards.

If you do buy cards at retail shops, we recommend you pay extra attention to the brand. Buy cards either from well known carriers or from card vendors you trust.

Where to buy phone cards online?

Buy calling cards online

There are dozens, even hundreds, of online vendors selling calling cards and phone cards. Probably the simplest way to locate them is via a Google search or recommendations from friends.

You can also check out our list of the top 25 calling card companies.

We also suggest you check out our recommended calling card vendors.

As you consider which vendor to buy from, please review our tips on how to pick a phone card vendor.

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