Review is one of the 5 biggest calling card companies according to our most recent Alexa rankings.


Pingo is the calling card subsidiary of iBasis, one of the largest international VoIP carriers in the world. iBasis is owned by Royal KPN, a leading international telecommunications company.

Unlike calling card resellers (e.g., who sell cards for other companies, all Pingo calling card minutes are carried directly by iBasis.

This is the best approach because it simplifies things for you as a consumer. Why? Because it means that handles all aspects of your calling card account, including customer service and billing as well as call quality.

In contrast, if you buy a card from a reseller you have to deal with at least 2 companies: the reseller for customer service and billing, and the carrier for connection and call quality issues.

Pingo offers a single integrated calling plan with competitive low rates on all calling routes. This compares with many calling cards that offer low rates on a few routes, but much higher rates on others. If you make calls to several different destinations, this can be a huge benefit.

The Pingo card is a true world card that can be used from practically any location worldwide. The company has access numbers in over 35 countries. Via their PC SoftPhone, cheap calls can be made from any country in the world.

Pingo is a very innovative calling card company. It offers value-added features such as a smartphone dialing app (EZ Dial), and a PC calling app (Pingo SoftPhone). These offer added flexibility and cost savings over most calling cards.

Bottom line: offers the best all-around calling card plan of any company in the market today. We strongly recommend them. Company Information

Company Pingo
Type of company full service provider (a company that both sells and services it's calling card)
Summary Pingo is among the 5 biggest calling card companies. Pingo sells a calling card with a single rate plan that covers all locations worldwide. Rates are very competitive. All Pingo calls are carried by iBasis, their parent company. iBasis operates a global VoIP network and delivers over 2 Billion minutes calls per month.
Phone 1-888-878-8838
(Hours: 10am - 12PM US Eastern time)
Sales channel online
Carriers represented iBasis (Pingo's parent company)
Other products & services
  • Smartphone dialing app called EZ Dial for easy mobile dialing
  • Internet 'soft phone' for dialing from any PC worldwide
Parent Company iBasis, which operates an global VoIP telephony network. iBasis is a subsidiary of KPN, a major international telecommunications carrier.

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Key Factors Rating
Competitive rates
'Clean' pricing / Hidden fees
Card selection
Full disclosure
Website usability
Privacy and security
Customer support
Access numbers
Advanced features
Return policies
Incentive programs

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Having problems with Pingo account activation? - click below. Calling Card Review - Recap is our top calling card pick - by far. Pingo is the best calling card for more people, more of the time than any other option. We strongly recommended Pingo and suggest you consider them for your next calling card purchase.

Pros Cons
  • Best overall ratings
  • Consistently cheap calling cards rates for destination worldwide
  • One-stop pricing plan covers all destinations
  • Simple, clean pricing with no hidden fees
  • Access numbers in 35+ countries
  • Multiple connection methods - phone, mobile, PC
  • Strong advanced dialing features
  • Industry-leading customer service
  • High customer renewal rate
  • Some new customers experience account activation delays
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