How to Use a Calling Card

Calling cards may add a few digits to your dialing sequence, but are otherwise very easy to use - especially if your card offers advanced dialing features.

To use a calling card, there are three main things to know:

Every calling card company handles these two things a little bit differently, so these are things to look at as you are deciding which company and card to buy.

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Calling Card Dialing Instructions

The basic dialing procedure for using a calling card is as follows:

international mobile dialing
  1. Before dialing, make sure you have...
    • the complete destination phone number handy (including any international dialing codes that may be needed)
    • your calling card account info, such as customer number or PIN code
  2. Dial the calling card toll-free or local access number
  3. Dial the calling card PIN
  4. Dial your destination telephone number
  5. If you want to make another call...terminate and dial next destination number

If you have advanced billing features like PIN-less dialing and speed dialing, you may be able to skip one or more steps. Check with your vendor for specific instructions.

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Calling Card Online Account Management

Many vendors provide you with an online account that you can use to manage your calling card activity.

Exact capabilities vary from vendor to vendor, but here are some of the things you may be able to do:

  • Review account status, PINs, active cards, card rates, and other information
  • online account management
  • Purchase calling cards
  • Add funds and transfer balances
  • Review purchase history
  • Set-up and manage PIN-less dialing
  • Set-up and manage speed dialing
  • Review call history / call logs
  • Change or update personal, credit card, and other information
  • Send out referral emails and manage referral activity
  • Track rewards points and apply rewards credits

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