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Most calling card reviews you read on the web aren't really reviews - they are thinly veiled marketing pitches or gripes from one or a bunch of people who've had a problem with their card. While not unhelpful, neither provides the kind of thorough analysis that you might really want.

Here at we try to do real calling card reviews that dive into the details of companies and cards. These are in-depth reviews that present careful analysis that you can rely on.

In our company reviews, we dig into the company's background, the cards they sell, the prices they charge, their customer service & support, and much more. We also look at company reputations and complaints. Basically anything we can get our hands on - including, and, especially, their pricing and reputations.

Since there are way too many cards on the market for us to buy and test them all, we focus our reviews on other tangible things we can see, experience, measure, and compare across companies.

Hopefully, our reviews will give you something solid to go on and make buying a calling card a bit less confusing.

Calling Card Company Reviews

To date, we have completed reviews of the following calling card companies:

Calling card ratings

New reviews are being added on a regular basis. If there is a company you'd really like us to look at, please let us know.

Also, if you've already used some of these companies, we welcome your ratings and comments about them on their respective pages.

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Other calling card review information:

How We Do Calling Card Reviews

Our phonecard review process is detailed and thorough. We prepare the most in-depth and unbiased calling card reviews you'll find on the web.

Our review process involves looking at over a dozen calling card ratings factors. Click here for details on our calling card reviews methodology.

Other Calling Card Reviews

Googling a good way to find other calling card reviews. You might also want to check the following sources to find additional calling card reviews.

  • Review Centre - Reviews by consumers. Note: many of these reviews don't appear genuine to us, but there are some good ones mixed in with the bad.
  • US Better Business Bureau - For companies operating in the US, check out a calling card company with the Better Business Bureau. Profile often includes a complaint history

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