Calling Card Reviews

To help you wade through the innumerable calling cards and calling card companies on the market, we've compiled in-depth reviews and rate comparisons.

We started this site partly because we found shopping for calling cards to be sooo ridiculously confusing -- so many companies, so many cards, such complicated pricing,...

We wished we could find serious consumer-friendly reviews and comparisons that could help us make spend our money wisely.

So now we do the background research for you. We dig into the companies, the cards they sell, the rates they charge, and more, to help you buy the right card at the right price for your needs.

Our analysis tends to focus on the biggest calling card companies with a bias towards companies we think are the best. If you are not buying from one of the companies on that list, you probably should be.

We also highlight some companies we think are particularly bad, such as PhoneCardSmile, that you should avoid.

Calling Card Reviews provides the most in-depth and objective calling card reviews you'll find on the web.

To date, we have completed reviews of the following calling card companies:

Calling card ratings

We'll be adding more companies over time.

Calling Card Ratings Summary

Our calling card ratings table provides a summary of the detailed information in our calling card reviews.

The rating summary highlights company performance in four key areas: rates, pricing, support, and shopping experience -- and highlights which companies we recommend and which ones we don't.

Click here for our calling card ratings summary.

Per Minute Rates Comparisons

Advertised per minute rates vary all over the map -- and then you need to add in any extra charges. Bottom line: you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what your actual per minute rates are likely to be.

To help you wade through this mess, we've compiled some data tables showing per minute rates from some leading calling card companies. The tables show 'loaded' rate for calls between various counries.

'Loaded' rate are rates that we've grossed up to include connection fees, carrier service fees, and other charges. In many cases, these adjustments give you a more accurate sense of true per minute calling rates than the advertised rates.

Click here for calling card rate comparisons.

How We Do Calling Card Reviews

Our in-depth review process involves looking at over a dozen calling card ratings factors. We also invite visitor ratings and reviews to complement our detailed analysis.

Click here for details on our calling card reviews methodology.

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