Calling Card Fraud Settlements

Calling card fraud is a major problem for the consumers. Shady calling card companies frequently market cards in deceptive ways that lead consumers to believe they will get more than they actually do.

Most calling card scams involve situations where company marketing materials indicate higher call minutes and/or lower per minute call rates than are actually realized by consumers in practice.

In the United States, at least, the practices can be so flagrant that various state Attorneys General and/or Federal enforcement agencies like the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) step in and pursue legal action. Other types of legal action are also possible.

As a result of these legal actions, a goodly number of calling card companies are found guilty of some type of calling card fraud or scam. Usually, the offending companies are sanctioned by the government and some type of settlement is reached. In many cases, these settlements involve payment of a monetary fine and/or changing marketing and promotion practices.

In the past few years, government has been especially aggressive and vigilant in pursuing fraudulent marketing and other practices by calling card vendors. The states of Florida, New Jersey, Texas, and California have all been active. As has the FTC. The US Congress is also considering legislation to formalize new rules nationwide for calling vendors and their marketing practices.

This page lists some of the companies we are aware of who have been sanctioned by an official government agency. Follow the article for more information on the specific settlement.

Sanctioned Calling Card Companies

The following companies have reached settlements for various types of calling card fraud. Follow article links for additional information.

If you are aware of any additional settlement actions or see errors in the above list, please let us know.

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