Calling Card Dialing Steps

This page provides detailed calling card dialing instructions.

These dialing steps should apply to most calling cards, but you should confirm details for your card with your vendor.

As well, if you are using advanced dialing features like PIN-less dialing or speed dial, you may be able to skip or change one or more steps.

Calling Card Dialing Summary

Here is a summary of the basic dialing procedure using a calling card. Below is a more detailed description.

  1. Before you begin dialing, make sure you have...the complete destination phone number and your calling card account information
  2. Dial the calling card toll-free or local access number
  3. Dial the calling card account number and/or PIN (if needed)
  4. Dial your destination telephone number
  5. If you want to make another call...terminate and dial next destination number

Detailed Calling Card Dialing Instructions

Here are the basic steps for using a calling card. Your actual steps may vary if you have activated advanced dialing features such as PIN-less dialing or speed dialing. Check with your vendor for specifics.

1. Before you begin dialing

Before you begin dialing, you want to have the following information at hand:

  • Toll-free or local access number for your calling card
  • Calling card account info
  • Destination telephone number
  • Call termination code (if you intend to make multiple calls on the same connection)

2. Dial the calling card access number

You must first dial a toll-free access number or local access number to connect into the calling card company's communications network. You can find these numbers on the vendor's website, in the confirmation/instructions email you received, or printed directly on the phone card itself.

Depending on your card and your vendor, you may or may not incur a toll-free surcharge if you use a toll-free access number. Local access numbers are normally free calls.

3. Dial the calling card PIN

Unless you have PIN-less dialing activated, you will be prompted to enter your card's unique PIN. If you have activated PIN-less dialing, your call-in number should be recognized and you will be prompted to continue dialing.

Your PIN identifies you and your specific card so the vendor can track your calls and verify your minutes. Your PIN will have been emailed to you or will be on the phone card itself.

If you plan to use your card a while and it has PIN-less dialing, we recommend you activate it online. Once activated, it will save you dialing and re-dialing your PIN.

4. Dial your destination telephone number

Next, you need to dial the destination phone number you are calling. If you have speed dial activated for this number, you can enter the appropriate 1- or 2-digit code. Otherwise, you will need to dial the complete destination phone number.

Generally speaking, your destination number will either be a domestic long distance number in a standard format for your country - or it will be an international telephone number. See example phone number formats below.

Domestic Long Distance Number

xxx xxx xxxx xxxx
access code

International Phone Number Format

xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx
access code

Since phone number formats vary widely, you will need to track down the correct number.

Unless your vendor states otherwise, please note that you will usually be charged for wrong numbers that are answered, answering machine pickups, and so forth, so dialing the correct destination number will avoid unnecessary charges.

5. If you want to make another call...

Many cards allow you to make multiple calls in the same 'connection'. This will save you money since many cards charge each time you connect.

To make another call, do not hang up! Instead, terminate your current call using the appropriate code designated by your vendor. Then immediately dial your next call using the destination phone number as per Step #4 above.

Check with your vendor for the code they use for call termination. Some common ones are to press and hold the pound key (#) for 2 seconds or to press the star/asterisk key (**) twice. You must use the correct sequence for your vendor.

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Please note that these are general dialing instructions and they may not apply in all cases. Check with your calling card provider for additional information or instructions. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to assist you, but feel free to leave a comment below and someone may be able to help you.

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