Calling Card Account Management

Many phone card vendors provide a way for you to manage your calling card account either via a telephone interface or via their website.

Not surprisingly, online account management provides for the most options and flexibility.

With an online account, you can set-up advanced dialing features such as PIN-less dialing and speed dialing. And you can utilize advanced billing features such as auto-recharge and balance transfers.

Online account management tools vary significantly from vendor to vendor. Some vendors have very rich and robust tools. Others less so or not at all.

Here are some of the things you can do in an online account:

  • Review account status, PINs, active cards, card rates, and other information
  • Purchase calling cards
  • Add funds and transfer balances
  • Review purchase history
  • Set-up and manage PIN-less dialing
  • Set-up and manage speed dialing
  • Review call history / call logs
  • Change or update personal, credit card, and other information
  • Send out referral emails and manage referral activity
  • Track rewards points and apply rewards credits

Note that not all vendors support all or even many of these features. Please check directly with your vendor for specific capabilities they support.

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