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Friendster launches prepaid calling card for members

Friendster, a top 20 global website and the #1 social network in Asia, announced they are launching a global prepaid calling card called The Friendster Loop.

The Friendster Loop

As a leading social network, Friendster has millions of members in countries around the world. Friendster is especially strong in Asia.

The Friendster Loop calling card is designed to connect Friendster's members to their friends and family in countries worldwide. The calling card provides an added benefit to Friendster members while also giving the company a potential lucrative new revenue source.

The Friendster Loop international calling card will initially be marketed and sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Over time, the card may be marketed in additional countries worldwide.

Friendster has partnered with IDT Corporation, a global leader in telecommunications and calling cards. IDT operates a vast global communications network. It operates variety of calling services today, including Pennytalk calling cards, and Net2Phone VoIP phone service, among others.

The Friendster Loop calling card works like any regular calling card from regular landline or mobile phones.

Toll-free access numbers are currently available only in the initial 7 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore - but calls can be made from those countries anywhere worldwide.

Per minute rates appear competitive with the lowest priced cards in the market.

For more information visitThe Friendster Loop website

The Friendster Loop press release

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