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Can a Phone Card Help You Become a US Citizen?

We are pleased to publish a guest post written by Brian Hawkins, the Internet Marketing Manager at

A phone card can help with citizenship? Sounds a bit odd, right? But yes, a phone card actually can help you (or a loved one) become a US citizen.

How? By using your call records to help to prove an 'established relationship' between you and someone outside the country who is seeking US citizenship. Proving an established relationship is one of the key factors immigration authorities use to confirm that family members are indeed related.

Typically, the call records are used to document communications between family members where one family member is already in the USA, but others are not.

Your calling card company can help you prove the established relationship by providing detailed call records between you and your loved one. Very few calling card companies are equiped to provide the detailed data that is required, but Pingo is one that can - and does.

Call records letter

In fact, not only can Pingo provide the necessary records, but we are happy to do it. We recognize how challenging the immigration process is and we want to do what we can to make it easier for families to be reunited.

Typically, Pingo gets several requests a week from people seeking call records for their immigration proceedings. When we receive such a request, we tap into our sophisticated IT systems to pull down the customer's call records. Then we package the records up with a cover letter that gets signed by one of our senior executives.

An actual example of such a letter is shown here. You'll note that it is actually on the letterhead of our parent company, iBasis, a KPN Company that owns the Pingo brand. iBasis is a trusted leading telecom provider that delivers over one billion minutes a month of international voice calls.

Once you have this documentation in hand, you can then forward it to your lawyer or to the US Embassy in your loved one's home country. Note that these records alone are not sufficient - you will most likely need to provide other information as well. Please contact your local government and seek out the advice of an immigration lawyer who can help you with this process.

Pingo provides this service at no charge.

If you have any questions or would like to make a request for your records, please contact our verification manager at pingoverification /at/ pingo dot com

---About the Author

Brian Hawkins is the Internet Marketing Manager for, a part of iBasis, a KPN Company. He enjoys traveling the world and sharing multi-cultural experiences when he is not building out new marketing campaigns to connect with the 200 global ethnic communities that provides virtual telecom phone services. Connect with Brian & Pingo at or at

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