Biggest Calling Card Companies

Here is a list of the largest online calling card companies. These calling card rankings are based on data from, a web information company owned by

The Alexa ranking are a measure of the amount of visitor traffic a site gets. The Alexa rank indicates the rank of each website as compared to all websites worldwide. An Alexa score of, say, 50,000 indicates that a website is the 50,000th most visited website in the world.

Alexa continuously tracks at least 20 Million websites worldwide. It is considered one of the most comprehensive and reputable sources of website traffic volumes. That said, compiling accurate traffic data for websites is very difficult, so their data should be viewed as rough and approximate, not exact.

Please also note that Alexa rankings are very fluid. Sites move up and down constantly - sometimes by a significant amount.

For details on how Alexa compiles their data and calculates website rankings, please visit the website.

The tables below list the top 25+ calling card companies for recent years. The first table shows top calling card rankings for 2009 and the second shows data for 2008.

Both tables show company name along with their Alexa ranking, whether we have reviewed them, and whether we recommended them. These ratings are primarily for online calling card companies (as opposed to companies that sell calling cards in retail stores) -- and it does not include the calling card operations of major telephone companies like AT&T or Verizon.

To see a comparison of some of these companies, please visit our calling card ratings page.

2009 Top Calling Card Companies

RankCompanyAlexa RankReviewed?Recommended?
1ComFi 61,266 read reviewYES
2Nobelcom 78,475
3Pingo 84,251 read reviewYES
4SpeedyPin 96,612 read reviewYES
5UnionTelecard 99,618
6Cloncom 100,939 read reviewYES
7Startec 103,266 104,634 read reviewYES
9AirtelCallHome 110,038
10eCallChina 121,243
11Raza 152,634
12PennyTalk 173,947
13PhoneCardSmile 210,097 read reviewNO
14EnjoyPrepaid 220,423
15CallingCardPlus 234,034
16LDpost 243,876
17Zaptel 249,251
18RelianceGlobalCall 254,975 293,480
20STIPhoneCard 322,471
21AloSmart 371,264
22BananaCall 565,869
23PinsonSale 650,641
24CentCalls 730,913
25TheRichCom 766,455
26BlackstoneOnline 779,286 799,610 read reviewYES 941,618
29Tel3 951,633
30MegaPrepaid 1,192,123
31Razacomm 1,235,245
32PinShark 2,351,437
33LDphonecard n/a

Source: 09 Oct 2009.

If a calling card or phonecard company you're interested in is missing from these rankings, please leave a comment below or email us at info '@' We'll check them out.

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