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Best Buy: is one of our top calling card picks. The company offers cheap, clean calling cards, excellent international reach, and is backed by one of the biggest calling card companies in the world.


For US-based callers, Nobelcom has a distinctive approach: it sells highly targeted cards designed for calling a single international destination. With these cards - e.g., 'Hello United Kingdom' or 'Talk India', you are quoted only a single rate: the rate to call that one country.

They also offer city cards for some countries on a similar model - e.g., 'Call Bangalore' or '1 Second Bogota' - which offer competitive rates to only that one city. With these types of cards, there simply isn't an alternative rate offered if you wanted to call a different location. To do that, you need another card for that destination.

For calls originating in other countries - UK, India, Mexico, etc. - Nobelcom offers more traditional calling cards with comprehensive rate plans for calling multiple locations. These cards offer excellent rates, too.

In other words, you can get a Nobelcom card with a competitive rate for calling from most any country in the world. This contrasts with many other companies whose rates are competitive only in one direction or from one country.

Nobelcom is able to offer highly competitive rates worldwide because it operates its own global voice network. 'Facilities-based' carriers like Nobelcom are generally able to deliver superior pricing because they don't need to share the profits with a reseller.

Nobelcom, like its sister company Enjoy Prepaid, has excellent international reach with local and toll-free access numbers in over 75 countries. This is more than any other calling card company we know of. For instance, the company has over 40 local and 3 toll-free numbers for the UK. Some toll-free numbers carry surcharges.

Nobelcom has two incentive programs that can generate good discounts on cards for you. One is a rewards program for frequent callers. Here you accrue points with each purchase that are good for discounts on future purchases. The second is a referrals program where you can earn points for referring friends and acquaintances. It is a tiered program, so you can earn more points if your friends refer their friends, etc. Points can be redeemed for card discounts.

All Nobelcom voice calls are delivered over the NobelTel global communications network. NobelTel is owned by Nobel, Ltd., the same company that owns Nobelcom. As such, Nobelcom is an integrated provider that carries all the minutes on its cards.

Nobelcom provides solid 24/7 customer support via live phone lines, live chat, and email.


Why Buy Nobelcom?

Here are the main reasons you should buy a Nobelcom calling card:

  • Integrated provider that delivers calls on their own network
  • Consistently low per minute rates to destinations worldwide
  • Highly targeted rate plans for reaching a specific destinations
  • Local and toll-free access numbers in 75+ countries
  • Rewards program offers discounts for repeat callers
  • Referrals program offers discounts for referring your friends
  • Strong customer service
  • Backed by a major company with worldwide telecom operations

Who Should Buy Nobelcom?

Nobelcom works works well for a wide range of calling card needs. For US-based callers, Nobelcom works best for people who need to call just one destination on a recurring (or one-time) basis. For non-US callers, Nobelcom offers excellent rates for calling one or multiple destinations. For travelers, Nobelcom offers cards with competitive rates from multiple countries.

Nobelcom Pricing

Nobelcom calling cards have very competitive and relatively 'clean' pricing. They scored a 2.3 in our recent clean card analysis.

Nobelcom pricing consists of these elements:

  • Per minute rates: Rates vary by point of origin and destination (aka by 'calling route').
  • Toll-free access surcharge: A surcharge of 1.00¢ USD per minute is applied to calls made via US toll-free access numbers. Other surcharges may apply when using toll-free numbers in other countries. Please check company website for details.
  • Billing increment: Nobelcom cards have different billing increments ranging from 1 second to 5 minutes. Please check website for further details.
  • Maintenance fee: Many Nobelcom cards have a maintenance fee, but some don't.
  • Payphone fee: In the United States, calling card companies are required to levy a payphone surcharge, but companies have latitude to set the exact price. Nobelcom currently charges 99¢ USD per call in the United States.
  • Processing fee: Nobelcom charges a US$2 fee on orders under US$40.

Nobelcom does not charge any carrier service fees, connection fees, or termination fees on any of its plans.

Please check company website for full details.

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Background Information

Type of company integrated provider (a company that both sells and services it's calling cards)
Summary Nobelcom is one of the 2 or 3 biggest calling card companies. Nobelcom has an unusual business model - especially for cards from the US. In addition to selling general purpose cards with comprehensive rate plans, Nobelcom also sells highly targeted phone cards designed for calling just one specific destination at the lowest possible price. Nobelcom rates are very competitive and their cards are relatively 'clean'. Nobelcom is an international calling card company with access numbers in 75+ countries worldwide. All Nobelcom calls are carried by NobelTel, a telecommuncations carrier owned by the same parent company, Nobel, Ltd.
Phone 1-888-520-9215
Sales channel online
Carriers represented Self - all calls carried by NobelTel, a carrier owned by the same parent company as Nobelcom
Parent Company Nobelcom is a subsidiary of Nobel, Ltd., a major player in the calling card industry. Nobel was founded in 1998 and currently operates four business units: EnjoyPrepaid (calling cards), (calling cards), NobelTel (global voice carrier), and Diamond888 (telecom services). NobelTel carries all the voice minutes sold by Nobelcom and EnjoyPrepaid. Nobel is privately owned and was recognized in 2004 as on of Inc. magazine's fastest growing companies. It is based in Bermuda.

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