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Best Buy: is one of our 'Best Buy' calling card picks.

Visit is one of the biggest calling card resellers. They have been ranked #1 on our Alexa calling card rankings (note these rankings measure website traffic, not card sales).

Comfi sells a wide range of calling cards from several different wholesale carriers, including ACC, ECC, IDT, and NTC. Like most wholesale carriers, these companies are largely unknown to consumers, but their job is to carry the voice calls on the cards Comfi sells.

Comfi cards offer among the cheapest per minute rates available - even after loading on the often heavy fees. So while Comfi does not sell the types of 'clean cards' that we prefer, their cards are still pretty darn cheap and, therefore, worth a close look.

In addition to traditional calling cards, Comfi also sells some other calling options. These include web calling (or web callback) where you enter the origination and destination numbers via the web or SMS and Comfi dials you back at these numbers. This is a type of VoIP service. Comfi also has PC-to-phone dialing, mobile calling apps, and other options.

Comfi offers good customer service options, including phone and live chat support. It has a nice website with a handy calling card comparison tool that allows you to compare rates between cards. The company has a good reputation and a strong Better Business Bureau rating. We have received few, if any, complaints about them on this website.


Why Buy Comfi?

Here are the main reasons you should buy a Comfi calling card:

  • Extremely low rates with some cards (but shop carefully!)
  • Wide selection of cards with differing pricing options from different carriers
  • Very clear disclosure of all applicable rates and fees
  • Nice calling card comparison tool to compare rates
  • Strong customer service

Who Should Buy Comfi?

Comfi works well for the following types of situations:

  • Comfi is a US-centric card company, so their cards are perhaps best for US residents or people traveling to the US
  • People who want to compare cards and pricing plans from different vendors
  • People who want flexible calling options - phone vs. PC vs. mobile

Comfi Pricing

Pricing on Comfi calling cards varies widely from card to card - some cards offer truly outstanding rates, others not so much. You need to look at each card individually to determine what specific rates and fees apply. This type of comparison shopping is not for everyone.

In general, Comfi card pricing is not 'clean' in that most cards carry relatively heavy extra fees. Despite this, Comfi rates are among the best we've found anywhere which makes them worth a close look. Please see our recent clean card analysis for more details.

Card rates and pricing change constantly. Please check company website for full details.

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Background Information

Type of company reseller (sells cards issued by wholesale carriers)
Summary is a large calling card reseller that sells cards on behalf of several wholesale carriers. The company sells a wide variety of cards with different pricing plans. Some cards offer among the cheapest rates available anywhere, but not all cards are a good deal. is one of the largest calling card companies in the US. It has been ranked #1 on our Alexa website traffic rankings for the past 2 years. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and was established in 1996.

Phone 1-800-219-6993
Email via website form
Sales channel online
Carriers represented various, including ACC, AT&T, ECC, IDT, IDTE, NTC, NW-IP, RNT
Parent Company n/a

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